MENU Starters Soups Salads Pizza Home made pasta Pasta without meat Home made gnocchi Italian creamy risotto Fish Chicken meat Pork meat Beef Side dishes Original dessert PORK MEAT1651/4kg Bistecca di maiale con salsa al chilli 169,-Grilled pork steak served with chilli sauce and roasted onion (can be served also with green pepper sauce or crem sauce with fresh mushrooms) 84Bistecca di maiale con fagiolini genovese 175,-Grilled pork steak served with green beans roasted on bacon and with pesto Genovese167Filetto di maiale al pepe 187,-Grilled pork sirloin medallions served with mild cream pepper sauce and minisalad 54Bistecca milanese 165,-Wiener pork sirloin schnitzels served with minisalad with orange dressing 87Tagliata di filetto di maiale con rucola 185,- Sliced pork sirloin baked on rosemary, served with rucola and chive dressing, sprinkled with parmesan shavings
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