MENU Starters Soups Salads Pizza Home made pasta Pasta without meat Home made gnocchi Italian creamy risotto Fish Chicken meat Pork meat Beef Side dishes Original dessert FRESH HOME MADE PASTAFresh home made pasta89Ballerine con gamberetti 188,-Tiger prawns, garlic, onion, white wine, pomodoro, pesto genovese, lime78Ballerine con salmone al curry 182,- Fresh salmon roasted on olive oil and white wine with hot peppers, pomodoro, curry and chives 68Fusilli al salmone 182,-Roasted fresh salmon, white wine, mascarpone, basil, lemon160Fusilli di capra 164,-Chicken meat, roasted young spimach, goat cheese with cream, walnuts and parmesan67Penne con carne di pollo 163,-Chicken meat, cream, pomodoro, basil, parmesan 76Radiatori Simpatia 162,-Chicken meat, spinach leaves, , cream, gorgonzola, parmesan77Radiatori pollo e pomodori 158,- Chicken meat, onion, pomodoro, garlic, fresh tomato, parsley, parmesan 72Spaghetti alla carbonara 168,-Bacon, cream, egg, parmesan73Spaghetti alla bolognese 164,-Pomodoro, Bolognese beef, parmesan71Spaghetti Maffioso 178,-Pork sirloin made on onion, pomodoro, cream and rosemary, parmesan149Fettuccine con carne di pollo e funghi 159,- Chicken meat, garlic, champignons, mushrooms, hot peppers, parsley, olive oil, parmesan Pasta baked in the oven79Lasagne della casa 194,- Fresh homemade lasagne layered with beef ragout meats prepared with root vegetables, onion, tomatoes and red wine, baked with parmesan cheese 80Lasagne di pollo e verdure 184,- Fresh homemade lasagna layered with chicken, grilled eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes and spinach spinach and cream cheese, baked parmesan 161Penne al forno con carne di pollo e curry 162,- Home-made penne with curry cream with chicken meat and champignons au gratin in pizza oven
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